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Automatic response drafts in your customer support platform. Powered by GPT-4 technology.


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Is Easy Ticket AI a chatbot?

No. Chatbots respond to customer messages automatically. They have potential but don't always respond accurately.

Easy Ticket AI instead is an AI-powered tool that seamlessly integrates with your existing support platform such as Zendesk. It suggests what your agent could do or say next, but keeps the agent in charge of the final answer. This is the best of both worlds: incredible AI-driven efficiency, with the quality and human touch of your agent.

Our foundation is Open AI's GPT-4 AI. We perform AI training on top of that foundation model for each customer, so that our AI is taught the relevant facts and the response drafts we generate are written using your company's style guidelines.

In our Standard plan, we automatically import the last 10,000 tickets and all your macros from your Zendesk account.

Our Pro plan allows you to load any information source from a PDF, HTML, Word doc or text file, which can mean your knowledge base, FAQs, internal manuals, product specs or anything else that you want to provide.

As part of our Enterprise plan, we can develop a custom integration for you so that the data import and AI retraining is ongoing & fully automated.

Most training is completed within 1 working day. We will notify you when it is done.

We are starting with Zendesk, but we are planning to support other platforms soon. Please sign up and you'll be notified when we support your platform.

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